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Room Doors 

A room door is a big part of a house or workplace. The door provides privacy, security, and aesthetics and changes the ambience of the interior . Modern changes bring new varieties, and this also affects door designs, color variations, and dimensions.

In this section, we will mention different aspects of room door ideas and offer you some hints for what can be the ideal room door for you.

It is advised to match room door colors with the decoration of the space. However, this does not mean that you have to choose only one room door model and equip the whole house with it. While you can choose a different color and model for the kitchen door, you can also consider different options for the bedroom door. For example, wooden room doors create a warm atmosphere, while white or grey doors offer a modern look.

Modern Room Door Designs 

The design of a door room affects the general atmosphere of the room. For example,  ADOKAPI’s door design can add a contrasting touch to traditional places. These designs of the modern room door have a simple but elegant look and add a modern touch to the overall decoration of the house. While functionality is in the foreground of modern room doors, these room door design options also offer a minimalistic look. Room doors are produced in standard sizes for opening &closing doors and for fitting door handles orlocks. 

Room doors can be equipped with a variety of accessories to enhance their functionality and aesthetic value. These accessories make the doors easier to use and add visual charm to the doors. Some of the room door accessories are as follows which you may make small changes to look different from the overall look.

  • Door Stopper: Door holders made of plastic are a simple solution to prevent the door from slamming.
  • Doorknob: It is an object used for opening the door, which can add an aesthetic touch to your decoration.
  • Threshold: It is the accessory located at the bottom of the door and provides the transition between the door and the floor.

Room doors can be designed according to different rooms and their needs. Room door examples are explained below.

  • A bedroom door is usually planned to be quieter and more isolated. The bedroom area needs a strong room door to make your home a quieter and more isolated space.
  • A living room door is usually designed to be more decorative. The door to the living area ensures the privacy of the room and maintains the room temperature.
  • A wooden room door is a classic and timeless choice for any room in your home. With their natural look and durability, wooden room doors can add a cozy and inviting feel to a home.
  • Wood, panel, or sliding options would be ideal choices for the dining room door. The door serves as a separation of the dining room from other rooms, providing privacy while eating or chatting. At the same time, the door can add to the overall look of the dining room and make it seem more inviting.
  • A laundry room door can provide privacy and hygiene by separating the laundry room from other rooms. It also helps keep dirty air from the laundry room away from other rooms.

Room Door Dimensions

The size of a room door is critical while organizing or redecorating the room and making some big changes. So, standard room door size is generally used as a measurement in houses. However, for a customized design and large environment, different room door size can be preferred. 

The room door dimensions can vary according to the size of the area and the door design. Door dimensions refer to the distance from the bottom of the door threshold to the top of the door header. Door dimensions can be produced in standard sizes or customized sizes.

Room Door Prices

If you want to decorate your living space or your workplace, ADOKAPI can be a great way to do that. The room door you choose will affect the overall atmosphere of your space and the impression you want to make as an owner.

Factors such as its design, material, and dimensions can affect the room door price. Usually, wooden room doors have higher prices, but it is possible to find budget-friendly options.. ADOKAPI’s good quality and good structure ensure your safety and the door’s longevity. You can purchase well-designed products that enhance your decor and are renowned for their quality, all with the assurance of ADOKAPI.