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7750 MTO Buyuk

No matter how lovely you design your house, if your doors do not match the overall environment of your house, you may not catch the desired look. It is possible to make your home much more beautiful with the uniquely designed doors you choose. ADOKAPI, which has been the best in its sector for many years, offers its eye-catching, durable doors to the preference of its customers with their high quality and designs. ADOKAPI stands out with its three series; these are the Deodora, Fagus, and Cedrus series. Each series has its own special design.

One of the series of ADOKAPI is the Cedrus series. If you are looking for timelessdoor designs that you can use for years, you should check out this series since it stands out with its striped designs. There is no doubt that the Cedrus series will be the favorite series of customers who love modern striped designs. 

Also, it should not be forgotten that the Cedrus series is produced as interior doors; that is why resistance to moisture is applied only to casing and mouldings. 

Considering the quality of their producing materials, it can be said that the Cedrus series’ prices are worth their quality and functionality. When thinking of the doors of a house, they cannot change very often, and you can use them for a long period of time. That is why these prices are normal for many years of usage.

It is basically said that MDF is a kind of medium-density firewood. Firewood is mostly used in interior decorations, and in recent years, MDF has started to be used in indoor production. In addition, ADOKAPI uses MDF doors in the Fagus series to have more qualified designs in doors.  

In addition to this, the Cedrus series has a composite frame and architrave. Composites are produced by combining the best properties of different materials’ best features. Composite doors are a kind of durable door, and they are reinforced and difficult to open by forcing from the outside.  

As it was said before, the Cedrus series’ models are famous for their striped, oval, and angular designs. Thanks to producing doors with Membran and composite, the Cedrus series’ designs are quite dazzling to people and remain as they were first bought for many years.

If you are planning to redesign your space, you may want to take a look at the Cedrus series’ types. First of all, thanks to their striped design, the Cedrus series can adjust to the other furniture in the room. In addition, the striped, oval, and angular designs of the Cedrus Door series will create a modern atmosphere in your home. Each product in the series has at least one color option, so your search journey will be flexible and tailored to your style and taste. 

It is noted that these doors do not require paint or maintenance. For this reason, you can use them for many years without any additional charge.