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ADOKAPI is a company that produces interior doors. It has maintained its place in the industry for a long time, touching the lives of its customers with its advanced product capacity. Also, it is very known that, as a company, ADOKAPI uses high-quality materials to produce the door, that is why, unlike most competitors in the industry, ADOKAPI offers doors with a long service life. There are three door series in ADOKAPI that are specially prepared according to their designs or characteristics. These are the Deodora, Fagus, and Cedrus series.

When you start to redesign your house or build a house from scratch, the choice of doors is very important because they have been used for many years. In the search for durable doors for your beautiful home, the Deodora series will be a trustworthy option for you. Because ADOKAPI has been in the industry for many years, it knows the wishes of customers well and goes into practice according to them. And also, considering the quality of the materials used to produce the doors, the Deodora series prices are quite affordable.

ADOKAPI is the largest wooden composite door manufacturer in Türkiye. You can find different color options in every model of interior door in the ADOKAPI products. The Deodora series models have a great variety. ADOKAPI has brought together the traditional and the modern to create eye-catching models. There are varieties with and without glass, according to the preferences of customers in the Deodora series. 

ADOKAPI has been maintaining its place in the industry for years with its unique and creative designs. The doors produced by creating a modern image with upright or horizontal bar shapes stand out quite a lot in this series. At the same time, it is also offered to the preference of customers with spiral, diamond-shaped, and flower-like patterns.

Since doors are not a product group that needs to be changed very often, it is important for customers to choose products that are resistant to many things for years. That is why the Deodora series is a product group that stands out with its durability. The doors in the ADOKAPI are resistant to water and moisture, but it is not forgotten that these resistances apply only to cases and moldings.

Besides, Deodora series types are B1 fireproof. The term B1 fireproof is used as a level of flame redundancy or fire resistance in a material. It is very clear that unlike the other series of ADOKAPI, the Deodora series is designed as a resistance to fire in a short time. 

ADOKAPI, which attracts attention with its quality products, has other features. The doors are resistant to impacts, so it might be mentioned as one of the factors that make them particularly favored by families with children. Also, their paint and maintenance are not required, so these features of doors offer long-lasting use.