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Hotel Room Doors

A hotel room door is an important factor in protecting the entrance and privacy of a hotel room. In the world of hospitality, a hotel room door is important as a first impression. Hotel doors not only provide security but also a glimpse into the experience that awaits guests. A qualified hotel door also shapes what the guest can expect inside the room. These hotel room doors have the purpose of protecting guests from other sounds, offering a sense of personal space, and being aesthetically appealing.

Hotel Room Door Designs

Hotel room door design is usually laid out to be suitable for the general style and concept of the hotel. Hotel room door design may have a minimalist, modern, and classy appearance according to the hotel’s general mood and ambiance. Therefore, objects like doors are fundamental parts of decorating a place. ADOKAPIdoors can be styled to add aesthetic vibes with mirrors, glass details, or hinges.  

Generally speaking, fire-resistant, soundproof MDF doors with special lock systems are preferred for hotel room doors. Another important detail is that although the walls of the hotel room are designed to be soundproof if a door with soundproof material is not selected, it is inevitable to have problems with soundproofing. This feature also enhances the acoustics of the room and minimizes noise coming from the hallway. 

To comply with the safety regulations, hotel operators and interior designers chose more and more fire-resistant doors. These doors are designed to slow down the spread of fire and smoke, which gives a feeling of safety to guests and tourists. 

Hotel Room Door Prices

A hotel room door price can vary depending on its material, design, and dimensions. Typically, glass is the most expensive door material, and wooden doors are more expensive than metal doors. However, hotel room doors usually have a standard look with mixed materials to provide durability, appeal, and longevity. 

Similarly, hotel room door size may change according to the general architecture of the hotel and the size of the room. The standard hotel room door size is usually 75 cm in width and the height is 200 cm. 

According to their usage area and characteristic features, ADOKAPI’s door for hotel room can be divided into different types. 

  • Hotel Room Entrance Door: To provide privacy and safety, hotel room entrance door are usually crafted from durable materials such as metal, steel, or wood. 
  • Luxury Hotel Room Door: Luxury hotel room doors are typically made of high-quality solid wood or metal, and they have some elegant designs and carvings. 
  • Hotel Guest Room Doors: Hotel guest room doors are typically made from wood or metal, have self and soft-closing hinges, and soundproofing isolation features. 

Hotel room doors are important elements to protect a hotel’s overall safety and comfort. ADOKAPI’s hotel room types are designed to ensure convenience and safety. In the organizing and decoration process, durability, safety, and aesthetic appearance of doors that are suitable for the general concept of the hotel should be preferred. For further information, please contact ADOKAPI Reseller.