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Interior Doors

Interior doors are used to separate home sections from each other. These doors are used in corporate areas such as apartments, offices, schools, hotels, and hospitals and therefore must provide long-lasting use. There are many models of doors that must be robustly designed, resistant to impacts, and long-lasting. Since they are produced with different materials, their prices and usage areas change.

Interior doors are produced with a mixture of wood and composite parts. In this way, it becomes impact-resistant, moisture and humidity-resistant, and has antibacterial properties. ADOKAPI’s PVC Window & Door Systems can be produced to be fire-resistant for up to twenty minutes. With these features, they are among the most preferred interior doors in Türkiye.

Wooden Composite Doors

Wood composite door models produced from a mixture of wood and plastic are produced with high-density polyethylene, recycled wood sawdust, anti-fungal, color pigments, anti-parasite and anti-mildew components. Among its features;

  • Non-flammable: Composite wood interior door models are fire resistant for up to 20 minutes because they are produced with B1 class, hard-to-burn material. It provides safe use in indoor environments.
  • Anti-bacterial feature: The most important feature that interior doors must have is that they can be easily cleaned. Wooden composite doors do not cause fungus, mold or bacteria formation due to their antibacterial and easy-to-clean properties. It is an option that can be used hygienically and with peace of mind in homes, schools, and public spaces.
  • Does not require paint or maintenance: Produced with quality materials, PVC window & door systems have increased protection against UV rays. They offer long-lasting use as they suffer less color loss compared to other interior doors
  • Water resistance: Wooden composite doors are water resistant. They provide increased protection against water absorption. They resist expansion, deformation, or sagging. Due to these features, they are also suitable for use as a bathroom door.

Therefore, using a composite door as a room door is a healthy option. They are durable against impacts and produced with first-class materials, ensuring long-lasting use. Since they have an aesthetic and stylish appearance, they are compatible with interior design. Wooden composite doors are among the most preferred interior doors in Türkiye.

MDF Doors

MDF doors are produced with a material called “Medium-Density Fiberboard,” which means medium-density fiberboard. MDF is obtained by thermo-mechanically structuring fibers obtained from wood or other cellulosic raw materials to a certain moisture content.

ADOKAPI’s MDF interior door models are one of the first details that catch the eye, especially in new homes. MDF doors pressed on CNC machines are a solid and durable type of interior door. 

Their compatibility with CNC machines makes MDF doors a preferable option, allowing intricate carving and patterning. Crafted with excellent workmanship and smooth designs, these patterns transform interior doors into effective decorative elements.

MDF doors used as interior doors are water-resistant and can be used in every room. Key features of MDF doors include fireproofing and ensuring safe usage.

All these features make them suitable for bathroom installations. With a variety of models available, ADOKAPI’s MDF doors serve not only functional but also decorative purposes, enhancing home decor. MDF interior door models, offered in a wide range of products, are more durable than most wood. For further information, please contact ADOKAPI Reseller.