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Who are we?

The foundations of the ADOKAPI Factory were established in 2007. The facility began production in October 2007 with 30,000 square meters of enclosed space and the newest technology. Having moved to its new, state-of-the-art facilities in 2013, ADOKAPI is the biggest factory in both Europe and Türkiye. The factory has 630 thousand square meters of integrated space and manufactures goods that meet worldwide quality standards. Our factory employs 1,200 expert employees to help with production, and it can make 5,000 doors a day.

Via regional directorates, distributorships, and dealers spread throughout 1,700 locations nationwide, ADOKAPI offers sales and service. Our firm has developed a world-class innovation by redesigning the door design with the understanding of furniture, and it exports to over 65 countries. ADOKAPI has successfully blended technology and nature in interior doors by incorporating the robustness of composite PVC with the coziness of natural wood in their wooden composite doors. It provides our users with ease of use and installation in this way.


A Guide for the Future

Traditional Values

We are inspired by our social culture and values.


We produce quality and innovative products while protecting our environment.

Trust and Innovation

We embrace our principles of reliability and innovation.


We collaborate with our customers and employees.


We want to be among the first names that people think of when they hear the term “The world’s largest and highest quality Wood Composite and MDF Door” in every country. Our aim was to propel Türkiye to the forefront of global markets and secure the top spot in the wood composite and MDF door industries. By distinguishing ADOKAPI with its cutting-edge doors, we hope to establish it as a global brand. In keeping with this vision, we want to use our products to make a lasting impression and rise to the top of the industry.


ADOKAPI is an organization that has obtained quality certificates from multiple measurement and standardization organizations, attesting to its compliance with international standards. Our goal is to become the “World’s Wooden Composite and MDF Door Manufacturer” by offering all of our local and international clients the best possible wood composite and MDF door quality and service. Our goal is to elevate ADOKAPI to a global leader in this respect by using cutting-edge technology in the production of our products and providing expert service.

Research - Development

Combining its Innovative Power with Research - Development Strategy

Behind the development of ADOKAPI and its ability to stand out in the competition, lies the strategic importance it attaches to R&D. ADOKAPI creates innovation in products and processes with its engineer team in the R&D center in Antalya, in order to continuously offer innovative products and value-added projects.

In the R&D unit, technological developments are closely followed and a direct contribution is made to the development of these technologies. ADOKAPI takes care to add innovations to the sector in terms of design qualities as well as the technological superiority and functional features of its products.

ADOKAPI allocates a significant portion of its turnover to R&D expenses every year. These investments symbolize the passion of ADOKAPI, which produces its own technology, to create window and window products above world quality for the people of the world.

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