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There is no doubt that interior doors are one of the basic elements that make a house beautiful. Since it is difficult to change the doors constantly, it is very important to choose quality products when new doors are to be purchased. In addition, customers should choose models that will not get old in terms of design. ADOKAPI has been the most preferred company in the sector with its quality MDF doors for a long time. ADOKAPI offers various options to its customers with its Deodora, Cedrus, and Fagus series.

The Fagus series by ADOKAPI is unquestionably one of their visually outstanding door series made with high-quality materials. Today, many people prefer to design their homes neoterically. ADOKAPI has started to design and manufacture doors, taking into account the requests of its customers. The Fagus series is designed to attract attention mostly with its simple, flat, and modern designs.

It is true to say that considering the quality and unique designs, the Fagus series prices are not only worth to consideralso, compared with other prices in the industry and the quality of the doors, the prices of this series will even be suitable for customers.

When buying new doors for your house, you want them to be the best option because you have to allocate a great amount of budget, and that’s why you care about the quality of using them for longer periods of time. It is an undeniable fact that ADOKAPI is a company that produces doors using the highest quality materials in the industry.

The Fagus series models have more features than other door companies in the industry. The Fagus series reduces the expense of painting that you will face years later because it doesn’t require paint or maintenance even after years of usage. Also, these doors are resistant to water and moisture; therefore, if the house is flooded or there is a humid environment, the doors will not be damaged for a short period of time. 

Besides, since the doors are manufactured using antibacterial substances, the Fagus series types reveal positive effects on the health of customers.

With its unique creative designs, the Fagus series offers modern doors to its customers. The doors in the Fagus series are very simple, but their appearances look quite elegant.  

MDF material is used in the production of the Fagus series. The designs produced on the door are almost impossible to deform because this is an extremely high-quality material.

In this series, the doors usually consist of two colors. The part that uses the second color is in the form of a thick bar at a certain point of the door. The harmony of these colors creates a modern look. There are door options with window panes, and these are also in the shape of a thick bar, which brings a highly elegant style.