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Bathroom Doors

Bathroom doors should have undeniable functions for both homes and workplaces. The bathroom door is as indispensable as any other element in a bathroom. They are designed to provide privacy and a sense of security. A bathroom door can also change and support the appearance of the bathroom and the overall atmosphere. So, a bathroom door design should complete the general style and decoration of the bathroom area. 

Since a bathroom door size is often the smallest space in a house or apartment, some right moves to get the most out of your space may be useful to you. 

In this article, you will find some bathroom door ideas, from doors that can withstand the humidity of a bathroom to bathroom door design ideas that combine style with comfort. 

Modern Bathroom Door Designs

ADOKAPI’s bathroom door design often features plain lines and minimalist hardware. Before deciding, you may browse online and have a look at modern bathroom door varieties. This contemporary look can be achieved by using contrasting colors, clear lines, or some matching accessories with the overall look. 

Popular bathroom door colors are white, brown, beige, and grey since these colors are neutral and can match many different bathroom combinations. While beige adds a natural touch, different shades of brown can create contrast, and grey brings a modern look to the environment.

Another alternative would be to choose a key door color, such as white or beige, and to enliven the environment with the other decoration details of the bathroom. This can be done with many flexible options, from a shower curtain to a mat or a change in tile colors.

Bathroom Door Dimensions

Bathroom doors usually have a standard size. General room sizes and their heights determine these standardized dimensions. Taking bathroom door measurements is the first step before buying a new door to make sure the door fits perfectly. You can get an idea by measuring your door opening to understand if your place has a standard bathroom door size or not. While you are measuring for the door opening size, make sure that your door is open. The bathroom door width is usually around 86 cm (centimetre), which is a size considered universal for a bathroom. 

Another important possibility is that you may want to install a different-sized door in your existing bathroom. One of the reasons for this is that by installing a wider door, you can make the bathroom accessible for every need. For example, the ease of entry and exit for individuals using walkers or wheelchairs to the bathroom cannot be overlooked. It is essential for both an individual’s home comfort and for a commercial space. 

After you learn the exact size, you have many options to tailor your preferences to your bathroom door dimensions

What Kind of Door is Used for Bathroom?

Some ideas for bathroom door range from glass, wooden, PVC, or composite doors. For example, if you want to save space, sliding doors may be the best option for bathroom doors. Material and construction play an important role in how well-insulated the bathroom doors are. Good insulation means less noise and less heat transfer

Here are some bathroom door types that you may want to consider.

  • Glass Door: A glass bathroom door gives a bright and fresh look to the area and adds a modernistic touch.
  • Wooden Door: Wooden doors provide a classic and elegant appearance, which enhances the natural ambiance of your bathroom.
  • PVC Door: PVC bathroom door is known for their durability and low maintenance requirements. Just like glass doors, they also boost the modern atmosphere of the bathroom decor. 
  • Composite Door: Composite doors are made in a mixture of wooden and PVC materials, and they have the advantage of being durable and do not require any care or maintenance procedures.
  • Commercial Bathroom Door: The important quality of commercial bathroom door is their ability to withstand heavy use and maintain a high level of hygiene.

Here are some bathroom door ideas to consider. 

  • Since a bathroom is the most humid place in the house, a moisture-resistant bathroom door is more than just a necessity. In addition to the material from which the door is made, the hardware details are among the qualities that will increase its usefulness and aesthetics. 
  • The bathroom is an area where everyone wants to keep their privacy. For this reason, lock details are also indispensable for the bathroom door. Locks mounted inside the door handle can be very useful. Passage locks can be a safe option for people with mobility problems or for children.
  • If you care equally about decorative aspects as well as practicality, slight details can make a difference for you. For example, small changes such as door handles, door frames, and glass installation can change the overall atmosphere of both your bathroom and the house.

Bathroom Door Prices

The bathroom door price may depend on the material, design, and dimensions. Generally, wooden door prices are higher than PVC doors, and glass doors are more expensive than all the other door types. PVC bathroom door price can vary depending on the size, design, and quality of the door. But overall, PVC bathroom doors are a popular choice for homeowners because they are affordable and durable.

If you do a replacement, you will probably choose the same measures for your bathroom door. However, if you build a new house or a new bathroom, your options are more flexible, with your imagination and the guidance of the constructor.

In summary, a bathroom door does not have to look basic. You may mix colors by contrasting the wall and door colors if you like an extraordinary look. Of course, you may want to achieve a simple and classy look. In that case, you should choose ADOKAPI’s bathroom doors, which have more clear lines and sleek finishes. So, you have many options and varieties according to your personal preferences and the specific needs of your living space or as the owner of your commercial venue. When you are choosing bathroom door material, make sure to consider the general decor of your bathroom and how much this bathroom will be used. For further information, please contact ADOKAPI Reseller.